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AEPM Services is dedicated to conducting business with integrity while delivering excellence to our clients around the world.


AEPM Services is committed to complying with national and international anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations, and has a zero tolerance policy with respect to unethical behaviour. A Code of Conduct is the manual for all behaviour and offers guidelines to which employees must comply.


As a condition of employment, all AEPM Services employees must agree to report any of the following situations:


  • Offering or providing anything of value (such as gifts, meals, entertainment, travel or lodging and any other favor/advantage) to a third party (such as a government official, client, supplier or business partner) in order to obtain an improper business advantage or otherwise influence official action. All such gifts and hospitality must comply with applicable laws and regulations and be provided in an honest, open and transparent manner. Gifts and hospitality offered to third parties must also be appropriate to the occasion and of nominal value.
  • Facilitation payments are small, unofficial payments made to government officials (as opposed to a legitimate government fee or tax), for the purposes of securing or accelerating the performance of a routine action to which the person paying is already entitled. Facilitation payments are considered to be a form of corruption and therefore are strictly prohibited.

All employees are encouraged to obtain information or advice on the practical application of the guidance contained in the Code, and related policies and procedures, and other ethics and compliance-related topics by speaking with their immediate supervisor, the Country Manager, or the President directly.



July 6, 2014