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Our approach

The AEPM Services philosophy is to deliver the right project, the right way under the right conditions. This means customizing the teams for each client based on the sector, regional and scheduling needs, using a cost-effective and highly dedicated team.



  • For repetitive tasks, as detailed design, planning, Construction Management, document control, cost control  AEPM provides highly qualified resources whilst ensuring competitive costs. This is primarily achieved by using our expert costing centre in Tunisia.
  • For highly knowledge-specific projects (design, management and specialists)  AEPM offers a highly qualified professional resource base within a competitive price frame. This is achieved by keeping overhead to a minimum through engaging a pool of strategic experts on a case by case basis, whose involvement is project-specific. This approach enables a more efficient pricing structure.
  • Subcontracting Services  AEPM acts as a facilitator for companies wishing to reduce costs to enable a more streamlined business approach.
  • Direct Contract Liaison  AEPM will act as a directly contracted company for authorities, operators or investors
  • Partnership through JV or other contractual relationships  In certain situations, AEPM may act enter into partnership with similar companies who are looking for specific skills in order to utilise our expertise



We are committed to professionalism. 

We believe in rapid response and flexibility.

We treat our customers’ concerns like they are our own.

We support a model that delivers quality in ways that are cost-effective.

We believe that unless the client is happy, we have not done our job.