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Our projects

The team at AEPM Services are experienced in all aspects of EPC and EPCM projects as primary contractor, design engineers, subcontractor and owner’s engineers. The range of expertise of the principals and the work teams at AEPM include:

  • Design development for all fields
  • Design review and construction supervision
  • Management decisions on the geographic positions of teams, expertise and project management support
  • Coordination between different teams internally and externally 
  • Management of a strategic client relationship
  • Direct management on all technical areas: design, detail design, AOR, Operation and Management
  • Management of relationship with stakeholders, funding bodies, government partners

Recent projects on which the principals have worked include:

  • Design and construction of an airport in North Africa
  • Design review and construction supervision of runways in Eastern Africa
  • Design and build new Control Tower and FFR station in Central Africa
  • Design and build Power Station in Central Africa
  • Design and construction, including renovations, of extended public government facilities in Central Africa
  • Design and construction of airports and other public facilities in North America


  • The incorporation of a low cost centre to reduce cost for the benefit of the client: a low cost centre should be very closely monitored and well-established using all relevant QA/QC corporate procedures.
  • Coordination of the different engineering fields: creates a direct impact on reducing costs and respecting schedules.
  • Involving the construction team at the earliest opportunity: significantly impacts the construction phase by reducing changes, managing deadlines and limiting costs.


Initiating new projects in emerging economies is a challenging and exciting experience. The requirements range from something as simple as opening a bank account to incorporating a new company, dealing with lawyers and accountants and obtaining offices and resources. However, where AEPM Services excels is in how to keep the company’s procedures and standards while opening a new branch abroad. AEPM offers the highest standards and best quality of services wherever we operate. 

The often used phrase ‘think global, act local’ is an important philosophy that underlines all AEPM projects. Key experts based in Montreal and both onsite and low costs resources were recruited. For local resources, the emphasis is on empowerment, training and trust, creating an invaluable resource for the project, the team and the client.